Another Article on The Good of Vaccines

A report on the effect vaccines had when measles was prevalent. Information here shows a large drop of measles cases from 700,000 cases to well below 30,000 when a vaccination was introduced. Further along the time period shows a near plateaued line going along 0.

The effect of vaccinations is real people!

Instagram is blocking #’s

Instagram is blocking vaccinated related hashtags if they return wrong information on vaccinations. Lowering the spread of false information encouraging people to learn from trusted and well documented government sites and tests.

This honestly makes me feel conflicted because America is big on its freedom of speech even though Instagram is corporate entity that operates outside America too.

Vaccination Scratch Project

I created a pro vaccination scratch animation. its about 30 seconds long and uses 3 different citations.

Using sourced audio from you tube and free licensed music off the web I cobbled together a presentation of roughly 30 seconds long.

Before that I needed to set up the back grounds and the text which was the easiest part, the hardest part however was the coding of the syringe chasing after Hannah. The syringe had a strict direction that needed to follow Hannah’s movements. In order to do this I programmed a 4 directions Hannah could be facing and adjusted the syringe accordingly.

Those 4 directions were 0 degrees to 90, 90 to 180 and so on. And because the syringe had a rigid model, each direction had to be carefully crafted to match Hannah’s direction and movements.

It was a pretty gratifying experience to learn scratch while making the project.

Make sure to comment if you had any questions!

Continued update on the outbreak in New York

A group of five unnamed mothers are suing the city of New York, trying to get it to block a mandatory measles-mumps-rubella vaccination order city officials ordered earlier this month in specific ZIP codes in Brooklyn amid a major measles outbreak.

A mandatory measles vaccination is being attempted to be blocked! I think if anything these mothers are putting everyone else at risk. There has been validated studies on vaccinations and they’ve been practiced for years where as Anti Vaxxers are determined to follow pseudo science.

Presentation on Vaccines

I’m animating my presentation for vaccinations and I decided to write a blog post about some of the sources I came upon.

One of them being a WHO article on common misconceptions of vaccines. it was surprising finding WHO writing on the misconceptions of the Anti Vax movement but it did reassure me the authorities on world health are on top of this misinformation.

If you wanted to check it out I’ll leave the link here

Vaccinations give children autism.

“A meme”

A meme created by me using mocking sponge bob written in sarcastic text. A common point antivaxxers use is vaccinations give children autism. Their argument is they would rather their children have a increased chance of dying than have autism, but the scanning for autism in children is done at the same time vaccinations are given.